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Charleston Haunts

Halloween is a bewitching time in Charleston! Between local ghost tours and fun family activities, you can’t go wrong. However, there are some stories that last well beyond Halloween night and have become a local legend. From a haunted jail to an old theatre, Charleston does not disappoint in the ghost department. Interested? Keep reading for Charleston’s top 3 best haunts.

Old Jail

Old Charleston Jail

Photo Source: BullDog Tours

If you’re ever in Downtown Charleston and you happen upon the old jail, you will know instantly why it’s on all the most haunted lists. The jail was home to one of the first female serial killers in the United States, Lavina Fisher and the tour guides will happily tell you her story. Lavinia and her husband John ran a motel in which out of town travelers often found their way. Lavinia would then poison their tea, while John would take care of the rest after the traveler had passed out. However, one night one victim didn’t drink his tea. When they came for him, he escaped and managed to tell the police. Lavinia and John were arrested and eventually hanged at Charleston’s Old Jail. The creepiest part of this story is Lavina’s last words, which were said to be “If anyone has a message for the devil, give it to me! For I will see him soon.” Tour guides in Charleston say she is still there to this day. Check out Bulldog tours for more information on the Old City Jail tour.


The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon

The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon

Photo Credit: Haunted Travel USA

The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon can be found at the intersection of Broad Street and Calhoun Street in Downtown Charleston. This building is a landmark and is currently a museum during the day, however, at night, the tours are quite different. Stories of the building range from slaves being sold on the steps to a revolutionary prison that held pirates until their sentencing. Rumors circulating say these pirates were never fed and you can still hear their agonizing moans to this day. For more information on the Old Exchange, check out their website for history and tour information.


Dock Street Theatre

Dock Street Theatre

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This theatre has quite the legend. After the original burned down in 1740 and was replaced with a hotel, it was then transitioned back into a theatre. The theatre was the first to host an opera performance in America. Audience members have been known to even see ghosts on the stage! One, in particular, loves the spotlight, so if you’re planning a visit, be on the lookout. One famous ghost, Nettie Dickerson was struck by lightning in the very building the theatre inhabits now.  She is also known to be lurking around its premises. Visitors beware. For more information on the spooky history behind the theatre, visit scares and haunts of Charleston.

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